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What is Day Training?

Day training is a structured approach to day care, designed to maintain and build on any training you’ve previously accomplished. Day training focuses on not only physically exercising your dog, but mentally exercising them as well. Dogs in the day training program will receive TONS of one-on-one time with a trainer as group sizes are kept very small. If you are looking for a way to keep up with the training of your pup, socialize them in an appropriate way, or even just have a fun and safe place for your dog to go when you have a busy day - then day training is a great option for you!

Day training is an immersive, all-day program where your dog will participate in training, canine

fitness exercises, socialization, canine enrichment, field trips, and more. Each day that your dog

attends day training they will be exposed to something new to keep it fun and interesting. The

dogs will be run through different training circuits throughout the day to help achieve training goals. These circuits will include training goals such as tricks, leash walking, and basic obedience. The dogs will also be run through a number of exercises designed to build confidence and work on fitness. If appropriate for the dogs’ temperament, dogs will be given

multiple opportunities throughout the day to play in small groups with other dogs. If they are not dog social - fear not, we will make sure they get extra one-on-one play time with a trainer!

Occasionally, the dogs will be brought on field trips to places like parks, hiking trails, stores, and more to proof the training that we are doing and give them a new environment to explore.

Who is Day Training For?

Day training is a program designed to fit the needs of dogs of all breeds and ages. We accept dogs as young as 8 weeks old all the way up to senior dogs! Any breed of dog is welcome to attend the day training program. We also accept intact male and female dogs regardless of age.

What if my dog is dog selective?

That’s okay! We designed this program with the intention to provide a safe place for dogs of all social levels. Dogs who are unable to socialize with the other dogs will have different activities to work on with a trainer.

What if I am not a current Training With Play client?

Our program is open to both new and current clients. If you are not a current client we just require a consultation prior to enrollment to make sure your dog will be comfortable attending day training. You will be asked to make a profile in our business software for your dog where you will upload vaccination records, sign contracts etc.

When is Day Training Offered?

The first day of the program will be January 17th and going forward will be offered twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Drop off and pick up will take place at our facility in Belgrade, MT. Morning drop off hours are 7:30AM-9AM, and evening pickup hours are 4PM-6PM. The cost of the program is $68 per day. Your dog must attend the day training program a minimum of twice a month.

What Are the Benefits to Day Training?

When participating in this program, you can gain access to different perks based on the frequency of your dogs’ participation. The most exciting perk is access to a group class offered

exclusively to day trainers that is held twice a month. This gives you an opportunity to learn what we have been working on with your dog and provides a place to work on training with your

dog in a controlled, but distracting environment. Attendance to the group class is optional.

There are 3 membership tiers for this program : Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Gold membership:

In order to obtain the gold membership, your dog must attend day training a minimum of 8 days per month. Included in this membership tier is:

● Access to a group class that is held twice a month on Thursday nights from


● Discount on overnight boarding - instead of the regular $75/night rate you will pay $70/night. Dogs who are boarding with me board in my home.

● Discounted private lessons of $110 per lesson instead of our normal $125 per lesson rate!

● A complimentary bath during the month

● Entry to win a prize for your pup

Silver membership:

In order to obtain the silver membership, your dog must attend the day training program 6 or 7 days per month. Included in the silver membership is:

● Access to a group class that is held twice a month on Thursday nights from


● Discounted private training lessons, private training will cost $115 per lesson instead of the normal $125 per lesson rate.

● Entry to win a prize for your pup

Bronze membership:

Bronze membership is for dogs who attend day training 2-5 times a month. Included in this membership tier is:

● Access to our group class that is held twice a month on Thursday nights from


Membership tiers will be re-evaluated at the end of each month. For example, this means that your February membership tier depends on January attendance. You may take advantage of the tier benefits during the month that you fall in that tier. There will be messages sent out letting

you know which tier you qualify for.

How Do I Enroll?

To enroll in this program or learn more, reach out to Kenzie. You can reach Kenzie through call or text at 651-302-4796 or email her at

If you are a current client of ours you will be able to reserve your dates right away.

If we have not worked with you and your dog before, we require a consultation first to ensure your dog will be comfortable in our program. Once you have completed the consultation you can reserve the dates that you would like.

Reservations for day training must be made at least 24 hours in advance, however we foresee day training spots filling up much faster than that so please reach out to secure your spots ASAP, space is extremely limited for this program.

Half of the cost is due as a non-refundable booking fee when reservations are made, and the remaining amount is due upon pick up.

*All information subject to change without notice. For most up to date information please contact:

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